Monday, March 17, 2008

Dino and Sea animals

The school which Cantaloupe goes to has been teaching her stuff that I probably learnt in my middle school (perhaps not even as part of my prescribed curriculum). So what is that she is learning ???

The month of february, the kids were introduced to various famous Presidents of America. She clearly recognises George Washington, Abrahim Lincoln and the like ... she also can speak a few words about them. Hmm ... time for me to learn some American History coz, I knew the stuff she talked about and had one or two sentences to add to her knowledge bank. OK ... my knowledge seems to be pre-school level ... I am so ashamed ... before I can embarass my self any further, better use "Google" to good affect.

Cantaloupe has been talking about various Dinosaurs lately ... Tyrannosaurus, Apathosaurus, Trycerotops, Stratosaurus ... are my spellings are right here .... I don't know. Wonder how she manages to pronunce them let alone remember them!! I was shocked when she asked me one fine day, "Amma which is your favourite Dinosaur?" My answer was "Uh!!" and before I could remember my science classes ... she said, "My favourite is Tyrannosaurus Rex ... do you like him too??" ... "Ah ! I found my answer" I thought. "Yes dear... he is my favourite too" I mumbled.

She has learnt about "Transportation" ... Finally one topic I can hold a decent conversation on. But the pictures drawn by a three year old are pretty impressive. I appreciate the teachers for their efforts in helping the kids draw and come up with a "Transportation workbook".

Since last week, she has been learning about Sea animals. Today when I went to pick her up, she was in the middle of her art work and requested me for sometime. She wanted to complete her art before she left school for the day. When I asked her, why she was so particular about completing it today, she said, "Today is the last day we learn about sea animals. We will not be doing the art work on sea animals from tomorrow". I am beaming today to know the commitment / interest my little one has shown towards her school work. I never force her to do stuff at home. Of course, I teach her and have her read books ... but I am hardly pushy. We read when she wants to ... we draw when she wants to ... and we write / sing when she wants to. But she does realise that she needs to do some activity like sing / read / write / draw sometime during the day. Usually it is sometime around 7:00pm in the evening. Of course there are days when she is in no mood for any of the above ... those days we just end up playing with her toys.

One thing I am learning is that, its time I brush up my knowledge on some subjects.


~nm said...

Wow! This 3 year old knows so much? My son is 4 years and I haven't taught him all this and neither has his school. He just knows there is a dinosaur, not the varieties!

And yes pat on her back for such sincerity and dedication! With my boy, he just needs an excuse to stop doing his school 'work'!

We parents definitely need to brush up our knowledge to not sound like fools when our kids ask us questions!

Kodi's Mom said...

so nice to hear how quickly she's grasping all the information! very impressive!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Nm: I couldn't possible imagine to teach Cantaloupe about Dinosaurs and American Presidents!
Tell me about the knowledge brush up .... I better start soon!

@Kodi's mom: Her knowledge grasping is sure impressive, but I am getting nervous ... don't want to look foolish.

Aryan said...

Good dear good..Very happy to cantaloupes dedication..she is a darling...

Swati said...

Came here through Chitraz blog.. wow! youar daughter is adoreable and so knowledgeable .. at such a tender age! am impressed!!

Anonymous said...

Chula just started school(okay, its been 6 months, but feels like yesterday) and I can't figure out half the rhymes she sings! So I have given up worrying about the part of beign afraid of not knowing. Figure there are more things I will not know :), might as well learn it with the kids :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@aryan's mom: Yeah ... she is good... but her dedication is not always the same :) THere are good and bad days:)

@Swati: Welcome !
Thanks for the compliments on Cantaloupe ... pray she stays smart!

@utbtkids: You said it ... have to learn along with the kids ... Cantaloupe started pre-school 6 months back as well :)

Chitra said...

Ha ha ha....looks like you have to catch up with her :-)! Role reversal ... kind of cute !

karmickids said...

Wow, am impressed. She is one smart lil one. BTW, the themes for the month are absolutely the same as the ones brat has been having this year. Not that the brat seems to recall anything he learnt at school to come back home and discuss anything. Am hoping this is a girl boy thing...LOL.

Poppins said...

Boy oh boy, even I'm getting a complex reading all this stuff. Kids these days I tell you !

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Kiran: If Cantaloupe realises discovers my knowledge depth on these topics, she may soon stop discussing them with me :(

@Poppins: Tell me about it ... I guess we have a big learning curve ahead!


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