Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Songs

Noon tagged to come up with “Our Song” list and engagement story. I have already written about our engagement story.

Moving on to “Our Song” list … hmm, well, first a disclaimer.
“This list is written by me because the songs mentioned are “Special” to me … if BP is asked about it, the most likely reply would be “I love these songs … but are they “Our Songs??”

It was the night we had arrived from India, after our marriage. For me, it was the first night, I was spending in the US. Being so far away from family, first time in a new land, new settings, I was going through a lot of emotions. As we settled down on our bed, BP came sat, beside me, patted me on my head and said he’d like to sing a song for me. The song was “Minchu hula, minchadiru ….”. I was soooooooo touched. I had never heard of the song before. (really felt stupid having missed out on such a romantic song till then). The lyrics of the song could not have been any more romantic. It is a movie song where the hero compares his girl to precious things and concludes, his doll (girl) is better than anything else he has ever known.
I had tears in my eyes … I had never imagined BP to be so thoughtful … he had just ensured a perfect setting for us to start our life together.

Another song which I consider “Our song” is yet another kannada song. This was again, during our initial days in the US. I knew BP was not trained in Carnatic music, he had a very basic understanding of that kind of music. Myself, being trained in music, I always had this habit of converting movie songs which appealed to me into music notes and recognize the “Raaga”. One evening, I was preparing our evening snacks, setting the table ready before BP came back from work. I was humming the song “Mellusire Savi gaana, Yede Jhallane Hoovina baana”. Then I heard BP surprising me with “Sa sa sa sa sa…. Sa sa sa sa” … basically he sang the same note “Sa” in the tune of the song  Could not just control my laughter !! Even today, everytime, we hear this song, we look at each other and say “Sa sa sa sa …. Sa sa sa sa”.


noon said...

Hey CA - OMG - he is so romantic - to actually sing* that song to you w/out your asking! Damn sweet. See - now I need to tell B about this - I have been begggging him to sing one song for me - he has a very good voice and can sing well (my loves his rendition of "Muffin man" - if I sing it she says - B sings it well (like "you don't"! ) - he promised me he would when we were newly weds - yet to hear it!
And wow - you can convert movie songs to notes instantly and get the raga - so you are the go to person for me now when I want to knwo what Raga a movie song sounds like! Cool! You only to listen to Kannada songs? Tamil too?
BTW - read your engmnt story - forgot that I had read it earlier.
Thanks for doing the tag!

Poppins said...

Very very nice and sweet and romantic. BP did that? Wow. I am so impressed :)

Ofcourse I know all about your famous raaga, movie song thing. Remember Snehithane from Alaipayuthey? :) (Now that would our song, yours and mine)

Squiggles Mom said...

That was really thoughtful of him. How sweet!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

@Noon: I do listen to Tamil songs ... kannada being mother tongue, listen more. BP is not a great singer.
Thanks for tagging me ... it brought back some sweet memories :)

@Poppins: Are you surprised BP did that? I bet not !! He is more romantic than me;)
Of course I remember the Snehithane song ... one of the best times we spent together !! THe discussion on the movie selection is still fresh in my mind ;)

@Squiggles mom: BP is very romantic ... I am still learning his ways :)

noon said...



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