Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Voted for the first time in US. It was a smooth process and took about 20 mins for the entire process to complete, including the walk to / from local school. (which was the polling booth)

Got to participate not only in Presidential elections, but also got to decide on few Propositions.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick Or Treat - Oct 31 - 2012

Per the weather predictions, it was supposed to start raining in our area around 6:30pm. Kids were anxious ... rather restless, they wanted to go "Trick Or Treating" as soon as possible.

 Earlier in the day, I had volunteered in Cantaloupe's school. I am currently the room parent and so I have the responsibility of co-ordinating with other parents and organizing parties in the class. I had prepared a voting sheet for kids to vote the food items for the party and they had selected:
* Cantaloupe
* Caprisun juice
* Popcorn
* Cupcakes

 I had planned the following games. All games were team game/ activity since it is very important that kids learn to work as a team.

* Mummy Me: One member will be "Mummy". Using tissue paper rolls, the other members should "create"the mummy.
* Jack-O-Lantern creation: Each team was given a picture of pumpkin. The kids were also given an emotion such as Angry, Surprised, Wicked, Confused etc. Each member had to take up 1 task each: to cut out the pumpkin, to draw the eyes / mouth to suit the emotion, to color the pumpkin and make a mask of it. (there were 4 kids in each team, so every kid had to do a task)

After the Halloween parade (Cantaloupe was an Emergency Doctor), kids came back to their class and were served the snacks. After the snacks the kids played Jack-O-Lantern Activity. They got so involved in this activity, that they spent the next 30 mins in the same activity and no time was left for the 2nd game. The teacher was very satisfied with the team spirit displayed by the kids. I was especially proud of my girl ... their team immediately got to task and did a good job.

 BP attended Junior's Halloween party in her school. She was a cute little bunny.

Anyways, BP was in charge of taking the kids out trick or treating, while I filled a basket full of candies for kids coming to our house. (BP had bought a huge packet of mini bars to give the kids visiting us). So the kids stepped out around 6:30 pm and I spent the next 2 hrs handing over candies to other who visited us.
Few observations:

  • About 120+ kids visited our house, not one kid picked more than 1 candy when I offered them a basket full of candies.
  • Kids in the age group of 1 yr - 18 yrs came and all of them were polite and so well behaved. 
  • I couldn't ever imagine teenagers in India ... especially girls going about trick or treating uninhibited.
The girls came home and counted their candy collection. They were glad we allowed them to eat a candy each. Of course they picked the biggest bar they had :)


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