Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Both girls are in school ...

India trip was very very hectic ... sure it was fun, but we were on the move more than I would have loved. We were constantly driving around ... mostly in 2 wheelers since thats what fancied the kids more than car. I was hesitant to allow BP ride the bike initially ... but had few options since the kids wouldn't budge. We also managed 2 family union trips ... one was really a big one to pull off , comprising of BP's entire family (first circle only) There were about 24 families of which 22 managed to make it. Met lot of folks for the first time. Of course the kids came back rotten pampered.
Although the trip was fun, I had wanted to do some things like meeting my special friends, visit my college lecturers, do nothing and relax on "MY" bed in "MY" house for atleast a couple of days, climb the Chamundi hills ... unfortunately these things didn't happen due to various reasons beyond my control. We also realised that 3 weeks of vacation was very short considering our huge family ... also felt others were influencing too much of our visits / stay.

Anyways .... so we came back almost 3 weeks back. The first week was pretty bad with jet lag hitting us. Kids and me were in bed by 7:30pm and we ate dinner almost a week after we were back.

Once routine kicked in, there were changes in store. Cantaloupe's school began. We went to school a day before school began to check the classroom list. She was little disappointed not to find her friends in her class. She had also hoped to have a certain teacher .. but that was not the case. One of the parents there commented that Cantaloupe's teacher was very strict ... and had little tolerance. Well, Cantaloupe heard that comment and was very hesitant the first few days of school. But she seems fine now ....

And bigger news is Junior started school ... YES... my little baby started pre school from yesterday. I barely slept sunday night ... only imagining how Junior would manage school. But she put all my tensions to rest by walking into her classroom with a big dimpled smile and settled on her chair with play dough and a cookie cutter :) She also went around telling folks at random "My mom will come to pick me up in the evening". Of course mom was there earlier than expected :) To my surprise, she had finished her lunch box as well .. including the fruit. (Idly and mango) I was truly impressed.
My nephew also started school with Junior. The kids are just 5 months apart and have grown up together all this while ... be it grandma taking care of both of them or going to the same home day care. So we didn't want to separate the two and so enrolled them in the same school, requesting the school to place them in the same class. While they agreed to do so while accepting the application, the kids were allocated different classrooms. Our request to accommodate a transfer and have the kids in the same class fell on deaf ears. So as it stands, the little ones go to same school but different classes.

I hope this year turns out to be fun and joyous ride to all three !!

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