Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ramdom musings

* Have you ever tried to explain the child birth process to your husband? If yes, let me know how that went ... if not try it and let me know.
I tried to explain the same to BP and most part of it, he gave me a blank look. I am sure he didn't know any of the body parts I was trying to explain him. (but for the obvious ones). When he did come out of the blank look to ask a question, it would be something like "What is the difference between Baby kicks and Contraction?" ... now that would end with a blank look on my face.

* On a completely different note, ever seen the tension on the face of the parent when they are trying to get their child (especially a pre-schooler or kindergardener) to school? Visit a near by school if you haven't .... the parents are dragging their child with a tensed look at the watch and trying to reach the school gate on time ... the child on the other hand is in his / her own world, bright and cheerful enjoying the morning sun asking simple question (only to the irritation of the parent). The sight is just hilarious.
Of course don't forget to see the victorious look on the parent once they manage to get the child on time.

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